man with hoody enters a big pipe

Help your website visitor know what to do next

It may be a call to action:

But that’s only useful if it’s what they want to do.

We can help you tell the story or create trails through your website that assist the process. You’re not taking from your visitor, you’re holding their hand as they move through your website to achieve their own goal. It’s up to you (and the people building your site) to work out the routes your visitors can follow.

Doing this well sometimes requires measuring and reviewing user behaviour then updating your site to help your visitors find their own way. Amazon has been doing exactly that, regularly, since 1994.

You can do it, too, at the level you need for success.

The same principle applies to your internal documents and communications

We can workshop some examples with you to see if your internal documents motivate the people they’re targeted for and help them come to the decision or take the action required to meet both their needs and your business goals.

This can be transformative. And it applies to talking, too.